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Ever since the Pokemon series took off, there has been a massive increase in the number of monster collection games. Games like Pokemon TCG Online and other monster breeding and collection games are now all over the web. By the rule of supply and demand, the reason for that is to also have equal demand for the said game category. And on the top of the charts is Monster Legends. Just as the name suggests you get to make your legendary mark in the annals of gaming history. Simply by building the greatest monster team to fight in the ultimate arena. 

Also, being a strategy game, the end goal is to duke it out in the battle arena. However, the process of getting there is a lot more complex. Truly, that is really where the true fun of the monster game category lies. The challenges lie in raising and breeding the most powerful monsters in the realm.



Of course, there are some basic steps to form your team. But still, there is a lot of wiggle room on how to do it on your own. And Monster Legend does not disappoint in that area with well over 600 Monsters Legends breed that you can collect. Better yet, many more being added almost every week, so there is so much to discover. Breeding is the base idea of the game, but powering up your monsters is all up to you in the many different gameplay mechanics. Some runes provide powers, relics that you can equip, and even break the limits of your team by ranking them up in hard battle. 

Breed & Battle Monster Legends 

Make your mark in the game by getting to the top leagues with a team of monsters you bred and raised to top form. In the end, it is all about how they perform in battle. Don’t fret though, as there are many opportunities to test the mettle of your team. Monster Legends even features real-time player-versus-player battles that will put you to the ultimate test. 

But getting there is all about how well you have raised your team. And it is not just about the individual monsters you have raised but also how they mesh together as a cohesive team. As the popular saying goes, a team is only as strong as its weakest link. But more than that, some roles need to be filled to have an effective team. You can’t just put together the top damage dealers and hope for the best. In the same way, you can’t have all the tanks and hope you win the battle of attrition. 

By building balanced teams from the selection of monsters in your collection, you can easily topple some more difficult opponents if you have put together monsters that work well together. So in a way, it is like you are a breeder and a coach who has to plan for the most effective strategy. Only then will you experience the sweet nectar of victory in the top leagues.

Collect & Build a Legendary World 

There are hundreds of different monsters to collect and each one is unique in its right. With each new addition to your roster, you can add something to your monster world. And soon, not only will you have a massive collection of powerful monsters but also a bustling world of amazing creatures. But it does not end there because you are also responsible for the care and raising each one in your ever-growing world. 

Every week there is something new being added. So, the potential to keep growing your Monster Legends world is seemingly never-ending. In other words, there is near limitless enjoyment that you can discover from this free download game for PC. 

Join the Real Monster Paradise 

It is one thing that you get to build a community of monsters within the game. But you also have an opportunity of joining an even greater community in the real world. A community that extends beyond the game into many different social media platforms including YouTube, Discord, wiki, and so much more. 

Download the game for free and learn from the very best. Or challenge other monster Legends layers from around the world. With a player base that spans into the millions, it is so easy to find others at your skill level. So that way you will not feel like you are getting overpowered in battle. And that’s not all, because with so many friendly experienced players you also get an opportunity to learn new tips, tricks, and hacks to Monster Legends. Find useful Monster Legends hack on how to successfully breed your monsters to victory.

You can even join a team and learn advanced strategies and other techniques on a personal basis. Or even cooperate with your team to challenge others in team game modes like wars and battlegrounds. There is just no end to the fun in Monster Legends. So, grab it now for free on PC!

Game Features

  • Over 600 monster combinations to breed and discover. 
  • Raise champions through runes, relics, and ranking up in battle. 
  • Build a monster paradise for your champions. 
  • Join a massive community and learn from the best. 
  • Participate in Team modes like Wars and Battlegrounds. 
  • Raise the most effective Monster Legends to take you to the top.

Download & Play Monster Legends on PC FREE now!

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Monster Legends Screenshot
Monster Legends Screenshot

Download & Play Monster Legends on PC for FREE!