Monster Legends Free: Epic Real-Time Monster Brawls on PC

Combat in the online battle arena is the core game mechanic of Monster Legends. In each encounter, you’ll face off with another tamer alongside your team of 3 of your most trusted beasts. The goal is to eliminate all monsters on the enemy squad as soon as you can.

In each turn, only one monster can attack. Their speed determines the order in which they take their turn in attacking the opposing team. In addition, each monster will have a maximum of four skills to choose from– each one has varying damage effects. When an attack knocks out a monster, the game will recalculate that team’s turn order with speed as the determining factor.

Turn the Tide with Special Skills

Each monster possesses a unique, powerful skill that doesn’t cost any stamina. However, it’s the game that randomly generates these special skills. Here are certain things you need to know about using your monsters’ special skills.

During the first turn of attack, your monster may get a 0 percent chance of using the special skill. However, on the second turn, the chance increases to 1 percent. And on the third turn, the opportunity to use the special skill improves further to 2 percent. Lastly, the fourth turn increases to 3 percent, and every turn thereafter follows the increment trend.


Monster Legends Firesaur


If the player uses a special skill, it will reset the probabilities. But if the player does not use the special skill, it will still be available on the next turn. So strategize when to use these skills to gain an advantage in battle.

Legendary Maps & Multiplayer Options

Check out the Adventure Map in Monster Legends Free! It occupies a major portion of the game with 400 levels. On this map, the player will face off against a squad of enemy monsters including their bosses. Accordingly, the player must form a team of monsters that will fight against the horde.

Naturally, the game also offers immersive multiplayer content through 3 vs 3 PVP monster battles and Team Wars! Training and battling monsters don’t need to be a lonely endeavor. So tell your friends and conquer the legendary world of monsters!

Play The Epic Monster Brawl on PC

You can also play this epic game on your PC free of charge! Just hit that “Play For Free” button and click the executable file on your Downloads folder. Playing Monster Legends free on PC takes away all the hassle of unbearable touch controls and optimizes the game to match your keyboard controls. Get a load of customized key mapping so you can personalize your keybinds for added comfort.

On top of that, you get to experience Monster Legends on a bigger screen and with better graphics! There’s practically no reason for you to play this game on your phone. Switch to PC now and hit that ‘Play for Free’ button!