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Monster Legends: Tips on How To Get Free Gems

Monster Legends Free Gems

Do you want to earn the Monster Master title in Monster Legends? Well, you’ll need gems to achieve that. After all, developing their skills before sending them to battle will require you to spend gems. So on this segment, we’ll talk about legitimate hacks that can help you earn gems for free.

Diligently Complete the Daily Tasks

One of the easiest ways to get gems is to perform the daily tasks in Monster Legends. It’s also a great way to earn currency during your early stages in the game. But even as the player starts to pursue goal-oriented gameplay, these gems are still vital resources. The great thing about these daily tasks is that they are easy to complete. They usually involve simple chores like gathering gold and hatching monsters. Also, logging in daily gives you a small number of gems for free. And if you complete your tasks for the day, you’ll get additional gems. There are occasions where tasks pay in gold instead, so keep an eye out for gem-related ones.

Watching Videos Give You Free Rewards

Are you wondering what’ll happen when you complete 20 days of gameplay? You get access to Monsterwood videos. Monsterwood is a player-based region in the world of Monster Legends PC and it’s a place where you can sit tight and watch some vids.


Monster Legends Rewards


Doing so earns you food, gold, relics, jewels, and more. They usually take about 30 seconds of your time– a simple price to pay for those valuable gems. Watch out for regular happy hours though; it’s when they feature more ad videos that pay handsome benefits.

Hard Work Pays Off While Leveling Up

As with any immersive monster battle game, you’ll need to grind your way to the top. That means earning experience points and leveling up. You can do this by completing daily tasks, clearing Adventure Maps, or even participating in multiplayer battles. Unlike most games, Monster Legends rewards you for your hard work. You’ll be rewarded with gems through certain levels as you grind your way to the top. So on top of making your monster team powerful, you’ll also receive monetary benefits! If that’s not rewarding, I don’t know what is. Aside from the usual grind, defeating enemy bosses in the Adventure Map gives you bonus gems. So train your monsters and get what you truly deserve– power and more gems!

A Wise Monster Master Spends Gems Sparingly

If you want to maximize your free-to-play experience you’ll want to spend your gems wisely. Monster Legends PC has very enticing items that will surely benefit you at every turn but a wise tamer knows when the time is right. Spend gems sparingly or only as needed so you’ll never run the risk of going bankrupt. Ready to play the game on your PC? Download it here for free!