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Monster Legends: A Trainer’s Ultimate Breeding Guide

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Did you know there are over 140 epic monsters in Monster Legends? Apart from hoping to hatch epic monsters, you can also breed them with the hopes of getting someone formidable.

But breeding isn’t as simple as bringing two monsters together– especially epic ones. As a trainer, you must possess the knowledge of breeding your beasts properly. You’ll need to fulfill certain conditions to acquire epic and powerful monsters. As of this moment, there are three surefire methods for breeding monsters. Let’s check them out!

Double The Chance For Epics Using Advanced Breeding

Let’s move to advanced breeding techniques. Do you want to make four epic monsters? You can use the “double chance” technique. To activate the “double chance” breeding method, the first monster should have two elements. Then the second monster must possess two elements that oppose its partner. It’s a bit more complicated than the first but it’s a high stakes breeding method that gives you the chance to add more powerful beasts in your roster.


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The Alternative Advanced Breeding Method

If you want to take it down a notch, you can always try this alternative method. Combine two rare monsters without considering elements. While it gives you a less chance of acquiring epics, it’s a perfect way to free up some space for new monsters– hoping RNG blesses you in the process.

Breeding Combinations to Try Out

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you out to dry without giving you a hack in acquiring powerful monsters. Here are some additional breeding tips that can get you some of the formidable ones in the game efficiently.

You can match Firesaur and Genie that has a breeding time of around 13 to 17 hours. This can produce a Pyrook or a Djinn. The second pair consists of a Light Spirit and a Rockilla. After a breeding time of 16 to 35 hours, you can get a Light Sphinx or Goldcore.

This option simply involves interchanging partners. A five-minute breeding between Firesaur and Rockilla will result in a Firekong or Freettle. On the other hand, Light Spirit and Genie will give you Flawless or Zim after 16 to 21 hours.

There’s a 50% chance that lady luck will bless you and give you an epic monster. However, the first option is by far the most efficient as it finishes quicker than the second one. However you want to go about it, both can be viable means in creating legendary beasts. Download and play Monster Legends on your PC for free!